You are cordially invited to my Death.

What does it take,
To not be anymore, awake and afraid?
I am lizard, missing steps
And falling on heads
and running away.
As old as the letters on the cardboard say-“GO AWAY”.
What would it take,
To escape
Once again to where there is no cloudy sky,
Where no bird, not a soul comes by.
And the stars sparkle in an infinite display
On your lap will my head again lay,
Would you stay?
Till we seep into our graves
And warm our skeletons.
Or atleast try.

But you are sleeping around,
And i remain sleep deprived.
My head hangs, stuggles in the ‘gamcha’ knot
tight around my throat.
Flies fly around my nose
And knock me in my eyes.
And pink floyd keeps on whispering, repeating into my ears,
To shine on like a crazy diamond.
I guess it made me too crazy, to die.
I was home, my dear.
But home to so much more, that you couldn’t bear.

I wish i could again circle around with you,
Like now i rotate with the fan blades, without you.

Now the burning splinter of my cigarette,
Should make a big mistake.
Burn my little white bed.
And all that was mine, off late.
And me.
And the parts of you hidden in my bookshelf.

My show ends here,
It does not want to go on.
My grandeur will be my funeral pyre.
Right here.
And I may not be a diamond in the end.
But here i burn crazy,
Burn bright through my bones and flesh.


Author: Sadhu

Existentially tired, dancer, stupid over thinker.

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