You know, i think we have a wrong idea about soulmates. We are all looking for one. But i guess, most of us are actually blessed with one soulmate, that is our Mothers.
They are people and some turn out to be bitches but most of us have not got such a mother.
I call my mum my soulmate because today i woke up to realising today was mother’s day. I feel awkward as shit with duch family emotional times, so i avoid. Because i am sissy piece of shit. I wait for mah sistah to start then i follow. But today, i realised as we had a conversation of our economical status as the main topic. I had a flashback of all such conversations i started to have with my mother at certain points of time in my life. And i find my mother, with an even more flexible and considering and progressive mentality than me sometimes. And i realize what a super human i stay with. She was born earlier for her time. So me and sistah have got a good advisor. And apart from this,i relate to her uncomfortableness with oiram-oirma matters of conversations. And she still gives me my freedom, which i feel great to exploit at time most times as well.
It is not just about mother’s day. But it is true, however most our mothers are. We have got a person who has always be and always naturally will be expendable for us. Good and even evil for us. That is so much of being a soulmate right. With all its wrongs too.
So someday i will celebrate a mother, s day with you, smoje a joint together and chill bebz.
Yo, Ma.


Author: Sadhu

Existentially tired, dancer, stupid over thinker.

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