I would like to think about what is a purpose of a human life. Because you know, if you think too much, about loss and then about happiness and hope what, everything probably will bring you down to the basic core question of existentialism, to A Purpose.
Now, i think the framework of it is like (for a lack of substitute explanation) like the formation of sedimentary rocks, one layer at a time. A purpose is to make every event occuring in your life a better reflection on the next. Purpose is not a singular thing. It comes at every occuring event in a life and is designed by your action.
Now when we think of human being,we are governed by one concept which is funny but its nothing is impossible. Because we know a human body and mind together is infinitely capable. (A moment of silence thanking some kind of higher power stuff for not letting that actually happen. Yet.). So what are we capable of?
The answer is mah nigga, you are capable of absolutely…. Nothing.
See, you were an animal primarily. You just grewu up and became human. Its was unnecessary but we did it. But we animals.
To put it in a better way. You dont deserve one fuck you, but i will. Fuck me.

See, capability drives us to what can we be in life. A human being can always be better than he or she is, that is physiologically actually true. But we have a fucking choice. So we choose and there comes doing whatever the fuck we want. Point is, we can always be better than ourselves. But we dont need to be. I live for art, in my little ways i do. And a human form is one unique flaw in the body of an art form. I see it dying, being forgotten, suffocating, in the crowd, dying again. I see it strongly vivid in me and my country.
To be just anyone is as okay as to be someone. ( I could be Bob Marley but i just chose not to sing, is a fucking excuse).
Being mediocre can be fulfilling too. The epic scene in Pusuit of Happiness, that is what you are looking for. To be one among the crowd, but be you, and have that moment of happiness. That is a purpose.
It is very simple. Elementary too.
To think of oneself or a human being as absolutely nothing. Because that is what we are. We have a body that is alive on organs and a brain and mind. We say we have control over our mind and stuffs but come on. Our mind and the actions it take are affceted but what occurs around us or in us as well. Example-horny women during periods, men on watching boobs.
So to accept a human figure as just dead meat. Boom problem of religion-solved. Boom-class difference gone, Boom- no more keeping expectations on people, boom-cannibalism legal,boom- i eat you for dinner.
Coming back to the point, in the end.
It doesn’t even matter.

What i am looking for is freedom.
I am anxious to leave my body.
So take me Death or heaven or hell.
This world, i do not accept as my place.
This skin is itching me.
Why can’t i explode
Into blood or whatever.
So take me,
Someplace better.

  • ~The Human Form, a Tragedy.

Author: Sadhu

Existentially tired, dancer, stupid over thinker.

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